Join our new series “TRM Talks Investigations” with TRM’s Global Investigations Team to hear from experienced crypto sleuths about the latest cases, trends and typologies.
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From NFT rug pulls to programmatic money laundering of hacked funds by nation-state actors like North Korea, threat actors are becoming more and more sophisticated - but so are the investigators and the tools they are using.

On August 4th, join TRM Talks Investigations for a discussion about the latest cases, trends and typologies, with former FBI investigators Jennifer Vander Veer, Taylor Windemuth and Lisa Wolk; former United States Secret Service Agent Rita Martin, and threat intelligence expert Monika Laird.
Training Specialist, Global Investigations
Taylor Windemuth is a Training Specialist on the Global Investigations team at TRM Labs, where her focus is TRM Academy, a knowledge hub dedicated to building a safer crypto economy. Prior to joining TRM, Taylor worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over a decade, most recently as a Supervisory Management and Program Analyst for the Violent Crime Section. Most of her time in the FBI was spent on the Virtual Currency Evolving Threats (VCET) Team, led by the Money Laundering, Forfeiture, and Bank Fraud Unit (MLFBU). Taylor’s work within VCET involved blockchain intelligence analysis, lead creation, investigative support, tool development, seizure and forfeiture best practices, and the training of thousands of people in money laundering and cryptocurrency. Taylor is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy from the University of Maryland.
Blockchain Intelligence Analyst, Global Investigations
Lisa Wolk is a Blockchain Intelligence Analyst on the  Global Investigations team at TRM Labs, where she investigates complex cryptocurrency cases of all kinds. Prior to joining TRM Labs, Lisa was an Intelligence Analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Sacramento, CA Field Office primarily supporting the Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force. In addition, she was a member of the FBI's Virtual Currency Response Team , fielding cryptocurrency investigation requests for Field Offices across the FBI.  Before  the FBI, Lisa worked at the Network Integration Center for the United States Air Force, helping to develop the Air Force's cyber strategic plan. Lisa holds a Master of Arts in English from St. Louis University.
Product Strategy
Prior to joining TRM in December 2021, Jennifer spent 14 years with the FBI as a special agent specializing in cyber matters. Jennifer is a subject matter expert in blockchain intelligence and cryptocurrency tracing, and was a member FBI’s Virtual Currency Response Team. During her tenure at the FBI, Jennifer led investigations into foreign and domestic criminal activities ranging from state-sponsored network intrusions and economic espionage to major cryptocurrency exchange compromises and ransomware attacks leading to several arrests and seizures of millions of dollars of cryptocurrency.  Before joining the FBI, Ms. Vander Veer developed and oversaw the e-commerce division of a retail chain in New England and worked with the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories and Silicon Graphics. She received a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.S in Engineering from Swarthmore College, and holds GIAC GCIH and GSEC certifications.
Global Investigations
As a member of the Global Investigations Team at TRM Labs, Rita spends her days conducting on-chain investigations into hacks, fraud, and trans-national organized cybercriminals. She is also passionate about training, particularly for law enforcement, when it comes to investigations involving cryptocurrencies and defi. She helps build TRM Academy, the self-serve learning platform for all things cryptocurrency risk management serving the public sector, compliance professionals, and crypto businesses alike.

As a former Special Agent with the U. S. Secret Service, Rita was the lead case agent responsible for several complex financially motivated cybercrime investigations. Her former casework targeted high-risk cryptocurrency exchanges and other infrastructure that allowed top-tier cybercriminals to operate with impunity and anonymity. As a trained network intrusion responder, Ms. Martin also brings expertise of real-time event analysis, malware typing, and web application security to the team at TRM.
Senior Threat Finance Specialist
Monika is an experienced compliance expert and threat finance specialist who has worked with private sector and government regulators to identify illicit financial activities and threat actors. She joined TRM Labs in September 2020, initially leading the organization’s efforts to map the global virtual asset provider (VASP) landscape and examining regional trends and exploitation tactics of illegitimate VASPs. Monika now serves on TRM’s Global Investigations team where she focuses on responding to breaking incidents and collaborating with public and private sector clients.

Prior to joining TRM, Monika served in the Transnational Organized Crime & Terror Finance Research Units at Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) focusing on the nexus of asymmetric actors and grand corruption, sanctions evasion, and other financial crimes. In 2019, she spearheaded investigations into sanctions evasion efforts and asset flight out of Venezuela, which included examining the country’s Superintendencia de los Criptoactivos de Venezuela (SUNACRIP) and its plan for launching crypto exchanges and adoption throughout the nation in the face of economic and political instability. Monika also led a BRI program monitoring Chinese investments at a global scale, focusing on emerging markets. Her analysis targeted Chinese state-backed investments, particularly in the technology, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Monika received her undergraduate degree in International Studies and Journalism from Texas A&M University and a master’s from American University’s School of International Service in Global Governance, Politics, and Security.
Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs
Ari Redbord is Head of Legal and Government Affairs at TRM Labs, a blockchain analytics company. Prior to joining TRM Labs, he served as a Senior Advisor to the Deputy Secretary and the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the United States Department of Treasury. In this capacity, he worked with teams from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and other Treasury and interagency components on issues related to sanctions, the Bank Secrecy Act, cryptocurrency, and anti-money laundering strategies.

Previously, Mr. Redbord served as a Senior Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, where he investigated and prosecuted cases related to cryptocurrency, terrorist financing, sanctions evasion, export control, child exploitation and human trafficking. He has received numerous awards from FinCEN, the FBI, and the United States Attorney's Office, including the Attorney General's Award for leading an interagency task force dedicated to prosecuting those who abuse and exploit children.